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I know I did a thread on this over at CSW but there is always time to talk about one my all time greatest passions, the Nintendo Entertainment System

I will remember the day in 1985 we got the whole kit and kaboodle forever.  Me, my brother and sister were begging for weeks to get one and my parents finally caved.  We each got to pick out a game to go along with the pack we got which included Duck Hunt and Gyromite with R.O.B. the lil' Robot.  So I got Baseball, my brother got 10 Yard Fight and my sister picked Mario Bros. (non-Super ;))  We must have played for hours on end.  I remember my dad missed a meeting he was so enthralled with playing Duck Hunt.  It was great because we were also the house in the neighborhood since we were the first family to get a system.  Atari was the thing of the past!

The collection really grew from there and was probably a large factor in me getting out of toy collecting.  All $$$ went to buying new games... Super Mario Bros, Kung Fu, Pro Wrestling and then some of the greatest games ever!  Mike Tyson's Punch Out, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus, RC Pro Am, Castlevania...

I think we topped off around 30 games, and I still break the old girl out from time to time.  I bought a ton of old games and a new pin connector last winter and she still works like a charm.  

Great topic, the original NES was a great system.  I actually have my old one hooked up in our spare bedroom as well.  A lot of great memories with that system.  It might have been the fact that we were kids, but even with all of the graphical advances, etc. of the new systems, I almost think my friends and I had the most "fun" with the old NES.  Hours upon hours of Tecmo Bowl, I can tell you that for sure.  I still have fun playing that game.  Don't get me wrong, the new games are pretty spiffy too, and we never had anything like Rogue Leader on that old system either ;).  Anyways, the NES was and still is a great system to just have fun with I think.  A lot of great games like the ones you mentioned....I also remember Castlevania, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, Mario, and of course Star Wars.

I'd have to say my favorite game for that system was either Ghosts 'N Goblins or Rygar.  Awesome video game console!  And did that bring back a ton of memories to me.  :)

Tecmo Bowl and then Super Tecmo Bowl were both totally awesome games.

I hated Ghost and Goblins Chris!   I think that is the absolute hardest game I have ever played.  I could get to about the third board and then nothing

And...Contra, oh man how many games of Contra did I play?


--- Quote from: OCB on September 19, 2003, 03:46 PM ---Tecmo Bowl and then Super Tecmo Bowl were both totally awesome games.
--- End quote ---

Those were also my favorites!  So were Double Dribble and that Baseball game.


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