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CTU: The Lost Years
« on: May 21, 2006, 02:00 PM »

It's been some time since I last posted a CTU photonovel (on Rebelscum, that is), so here one! :D

Darth Vader: Come on. You'll meet up with Veridovich and his partner-in-crime.
AT-AT Driver: Yes, my lord.

Darth Vader: Commander Veridovich, it has been some time.
Commander Veridovich: Yes, my lord. You are correct.

Darth Vader: I want you to take this AT-AT Driver with you on your mission to kill Jack Phoenix and Joseph Auda.
Cmdr. Veridovich: B-but...!
Darth Vader: No "but"s, Commander! It's an direct order!

Darth Vader: I trust you will not fail me this time...commander.

Shadow Pilot: So, we have a new member in our team.
Cmdr. Veridovich: ...Well, let's get going.

Soon after on planet Geonosis:

Joseph Auda: Jack, we've got some troubles...coming right to here!
Jack Phoenix: Veridovich...

Cmdr. Veridovich: Jack, you dirty traitor of the Empire! Come out there or I will have to get my men to break these doors!

Joseph: Jack...
Jack: Listen, Joseph. They're clones, programmed to kill us. We beat them ten years ago on CTU HQ and they want revenge. So, get your gun ready or you'll be dead meat!

Everyone: Stop it right there!


Joseph: Hey, that was good!
Jack: Yeah, I know.
Cmdr. Veridovich: head...

Darth Vader: You really can't trust a clone, or at least it seems so since you two are alive still!
Jack: Darth Vader. You filthy stinkin' little no-good Jedi mass murderer...It's your time to go!


Darth Vader: You fool!

Cmdr. Veridovich: Stop it right there!
Shadow Pilot: Yeah, do what he said.
Darth Vader: Well well, commander...

And this is my dog, Roosa. She's a shiba inu. And while you're looking at her...

Darth Vader: Good job, commander.
Cmdr. Veridovich: Thank you, my lord.

Darth Vader: Kill them.
AT-AT Driver: Of course, my lord.
Cmdr. Veridovich: What?!
Shadow Pilot: Oh no!

Darth Vader: Good job. Let's go away from this sandy dump.
AT-AT Driver: Okay then.

Joseph: Phew...I thought he would never leave.

Joseph: Poor old Jack...I better get going now...

Meanwhile on Coruscant:

Felon Yorker: Ah, yes, this will be a perfect place for the Bureau.

Felon: A little messy, but I can always put some stormies to clean those.

Dealer: ...and here's a lovely red fireplace.
Mysterious Man: Looks good.

Dealer: Can you see all the little detailing?
Mysterious Man: Yes, looks very fine.

Dealer: And here's my favorite part of this house: the bar!
Mysterious Man: A bar in my home? Awesome!

Dealer: And then there's some of the old war propaganda posters hanging on the walls.

Dealer: So, what do you say, partner? Have we got a deal here?
Mysterious Man: Yes, we have got a deal. You can have the speeder and the money inside it.

Joseph: Firstly, I'lll rip these awful posters off!

Joseph: "Remember the Separatists are listening!" and bah! It should be more like "Remember Emperor Palpatine is listening!"

Joseph: And now I'm testing is this fireplace actually so goos as the seller claimed...

Joseph: Cheers!

Several years later:

Darth Vader: Joseph Auda, we meet at last.
Joseph: Vader...

Joseph: I'm not going down!
Darth Vader: We'll see about that, old man!


Joseph: And I'm not even sorry for this!
Darth Vader: Yeooowww...

Joseph: It's your time to die, Vader. For the Republic!
Darth Vader: Noooooo...

Joseph: Burn in the fires of hell, you monster!
Darth Vader: I...I'm on fire....

Darth Vader: REVENGE!
Joseph: No! It's impossible!

Darth Vader: I told the Emperor that I would kill you...and I can't betray my master!
Joseph: You monster...

Darth Vader: Rest in pieces, Auda!

Comments and feedback are always more than welcome! :)
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Re: CTU: The Lost Years
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2006, 03:15 PM »
Phoenix, this was a bizarre chapter in your series.  I take it you are going for that, right?   ;)

Crazy stuff, yet entertaining.  And the dog pic in it was a surprise.


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Re: CTU: The Lost Years
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2006, 03:36 PM »
Those war posters are awesome.
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Re: CTU: The Lost Years
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2006, 09:03 PM »
 :-\Jumped too much for me. Sorry :-\
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