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--- Quote from: JesseVader08 on January 10, 2012, 12:01 AM ---I'm pretty late replying to this, but Allposters has been good in the past for me.

--- End quote ---

I've had good luck with AllPosters as well, plus they always seem to have some sort of sale/discount code going on.  I think I've gotten all the OT posters there, as well as Raiders, FOTR, and Spider-Man without a problem.  Actually just ordered a Muppets poster for our daughter this week.

Anyone know "the right way" to display and store posters?  I've got a pile of SW posters that I've acquired over the past 20 years that are mostly still in the original shipping tubes.

I was looking at framing my favorites.  It looks like people are going either with $100 custom frames or cheaper Target-ish versions.

I've also heard you should store posters flat and not rolled?  Any thoughts?

I was looking at buying some archival quality mylar sleeves and flattening all of my posters.  However the mylar sleeves look fairly expensive.  The cheapest I found was $7.5 per poster sized sleeve.  I've got about 50 posters and that adds up.  I was also looking at acetate which is cheaper, but I'm not sure what is recommended.

Thoughts on display and storage?

I had my movie posters framed in a frame shop and they look great.  It was especially true with my ROTJ poster because I aquired that one from a movie theater and back then they would fold the posters up into the film cannisters.  I had that poster dry-mounted to help hide the creases.

Duplicate posters that I own are still in their packing far as I know they should be fine in there.

I've now got most of mine flattened in hopes of displaying.  Better than dealing with the constant rolling up.

Exclusive PharMor store promo VHS release 4ft. X 3 ft. autographed by about 42 OT original cast members.

* There have been a couple additions since the photo.
* Shannon Baksa is the only non-OT autograph
* Exception being Hal Wamsley/Jawa, which there seems to be the onging he's a fake, no he's not, yes he is argument, which even if it turns out he is...still seems to have found his way into SW lore.


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