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Where Does Your Collection Reside?

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Being that we don't have basement in California, my loose collection is in my office. My carded collection is all boxed up filling various closet space.

I swear, as soon as we get our new computer, I'll take some pictures and post them. I have a muliti-level imperial base made out of a corner table that I'm anxious to show off.

Mine is boxed up stacked to the ceiling taking up all of a spare bedroom, some boxed up in the garage, boxed up taking up my old bedroom with some laying around all over in there, the computer room downstairs has boxes and the closet is full, boxes and carded figs in the den, and boxed stuff in the living room. 

Clone Commander:
I have my main display in my closet with a folding door so there is no light.
I also have a whole bunch of Games-Workshop products lying around.

My entire collection currently resides in my "Bacholer Pad" (My Room). My figures and small vehicles take up two shelves, my Lego SW collection takes up half a shelf, and my "high end" collectibles (Bust-Ups, Unleashed, Titanium Series, etc) and my Target Exclusive Tie Fighter are on my desk.

I'm very fortunate to have a couple rooms in the basement to display my loot.  I wish I had the room to put a chair, barfridge and laptop down there 'cuz then I'd never leave.  ;D


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