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I've been meaning to buy that White Stripes CD for a while now...I caught a couple of the performances on Conan and they were great!   Seven Nation Army is a great song

The last CD I bought was an out of print Cat Stevens CD, which is basically Volume 2 of his greatest hits called Footsteps in the Dark[/i]  I can't wait to get it!

Boba Binks:
The Gods and Generals Soundtrack is the last CD that I have purchased.

I am looking for the new Fates Warning CD but can't find it anywhere around Indy.

AFI's Sing The Sorrow

Mikey D:
Last CD bought in a store was Godsmack Faceless (not as good as their last album and not certainly no where near any good as their first) and before that was Elephant by TWS.

I had some bonus points at CH and used them to get Social Distortion Social Distortion and Lauryn Hill The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.  I wanted to get a few Weezer CDs, but alas CH doesn't stock them  :(

Its been a long time for me since I bought a CD. I think the last was Offsprings Best CD and a Star Wars soundtrack.


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