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I recently got my collection room re-organized, and it has been awhile since I've posted pics on JD, so I figured now might be a good time to show off. Comments and criticisms appreciated!

Overview of the room:

New shelf unit for vehicles, and the AT-AT herd:

Clone Wars side:

The movie side:

Thanks to the crew here at JD for the Death Star set... I have no idea whether to leave it opened or closed, so it's closed for now


Animated Clone Commandos:

Mandos and Bugs:

cold Rebels:

warm Rebels:

Knight of the Old Republic... and stuff:

Cool prequel figures:

Droid army:


"Realistic" clone commandos:

The "toy chest", where all of my extra figs and vehicles reside:

Perhaps we could help you out and get this figured out?  You could send me the link to your photobucket album, if you'd like.  We always love to have guys show off their collections, big or small.  :)

Heres the site adress, I just have no idea how to put it in. I'd appreciate the help though.


Just copy and paste the bottom link below each picture, the one with the IMG tag.

Thanks a lot!!! I got the images up!!! ;D


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