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Your Opinion: What Figures Were Missing from the Vintage Line?

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Although we certainly didn't have the depth of characters that have been offered in the modern line(s), from the main characters to characters who were on the screen for a blink of an eye, even to concept art characters.  However, as a kid and even as an adult, it seems like the vintage line covered the majority of the main characters, supporting cast, and army builders in the entirety of their line.  I was just curious, in your opinion, what - if anything - was missing?  If you could have picked another wave or two of figures to have been created back then, who was missing?  Grand Moff Tarkin seems like a good choice, and possibly others like the Han Stormtrooper, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Slave Leia, and maybe someone like Garindan?  Just a few ideas off the top of my head, but what are some you think should have maybe been included?

Stuff I always wanted as a kid:

- Han in Stormtrooper Disguise
- Sandtrooper
- Rebel Fleet Trooper

Those are the only things I ever remember "missing" as a kid. 

I had ways to play around them (adding orange construction paper pauldron to a stormtrooper for example), but I'd have totally grabbed them if Kenner had made them...

Great choices Jeff, can't believe I originally forgot to list Han Stormtrooper.  That would be a definite, especially with them releasing the Luke version in the POTF line.  I thought the Sandtrooper would be a good choice as well, and simple enough to modify a Stormtrooper probably in those days.

The one vintage figure that I always thought was missing was a removable helmet Darth Vader.

Figures I wanted as a kid were:

Rebel Fleet Trooper
Yavin Ceremony Luke

As an adult, I could realistically see those 3 figures as well as the following having been made by Kenner at some point:

Grand Moff Tarkin
Han Stormtrooper

Alas that didn't happen, though the RFT and Tarkin did get considered by Kenner at one point...


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