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I've heard great things about this site. So, I've decided to post some of my work and hopefully become a regular member of these boards.

LMK what you think.

Good to see you made it here Fritz. :) (I go by Sith Lord Chaos on FFURG)

You're customs have always been some of my favorites. I really like the Clone Army Armor pieces, and your Gree is one of the best around. I love your grey sniper too.

I'm a big fan of your latest WWII style Imps. I think that newwest clone is excellent, the snow style camo on the gun is a really nice touch. I think that the holster looks out of place though. I think that a more SW style holster with a Clone commander pistol, or some other gun, would look better.

I look forward to seeing more of your stuff around here. :)

Your the guy!!!! Your the guy!!!

I'm a huge fan of your walker you made! I even sent you an email asking how much you would charge to commision one, back in the day.

I'm a HUGE fan of that piece, and welcome to JediDefender!

Be sure to introduce yourself in the newbie section!


Cool!  I'm glad you made it here.  You are going to be a great addition to this site.   :)

I am going to comment on each of those customs later today hopefully, when I have more time.  But first off - those are all awesome.  I recognize some of these from RS and TCA, I think.  I didn't realize you were the one that had made some of these, like the droids.  Very good work.


Good to have you on the JD boards! Ive been a fan of your work for awhile. Absolutely love the Gamorrean and Trandoshan!


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