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vintage star wras want list
« on: May 11, 2003, 09:38 PM »
i am looking for a few vintage figures if any of you have any of these figures to trade drop me a line and we will work something out!
chief charpa
brown snake yoda
turtel neck leia bespin
early bird luke
dt vader
dt obi won
green limb chewy
plastic cape jawa
wind up r2 d2

acc i need
teebo all
chief charpa all
amanaman staff
nikto staff x2
bib fortuna staff x2
logray staff
luke hoth gun x2
ugnaght case x2
early bird chewy gun
2 han blasters
lumat all acc
hoth stormtrooper skirt x 3
royal guard staff x2
stormetrooper blasters x3

12 in vintage
luke hook
vader saber
leia shoes

ship parts
slave 1 side door
impiral shuttle side door

han in carb.x 2
r2 pop up
luke storm
yak face

im also looking for any moc figures 1977 to 1985
and moc droid and ewok figure

ships and playsets i need
sonic land speeder
could city play set
snow speeder
rebel transport
death star us verson and paltoy one
star destroyer
scout walker
tatooine skiff

pork n bean! i am your father!!  noooooooo!!!
it cant be!