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Young Boba w/unpainted helmet

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I don't remember If I have heard this variation.
Does it exist?

Hmmm, no idea myself.  Wouldn't be surprised if a couple slipped through the cracks like on the other Jango figures though.  You should shoot a PM to Thomas Grey - our resident variations expert.  If anyone could tell you, it'd probably be him...

Jango Fettish:

--- Quote from: JediMAC on May 12, 2003, 06:27 PM ---If anyone could tell you, it'd probably be him...

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As far as Saga goes, there are no true variants for Boba Fett: Kamino Escape, aside from the background/no background packaging variant.

The unpainted visors on any of the Fett or Clone Trooper figures are straight up errors.

There is only one figure variant that pertains to Jango, and thats the unpainted/dull armor Jango.

if you look at Baby Boba's helmet pack in, you'll notice it's totally gray with black flecks, like the variant Jango's helmet. So, put two and two together, and you'll see where all the "wrong colored" Jango helmets went to.

You can determine the jango variant by comparing date stamps, as the Jango Fett w/ dull armor variant was only shipping with the figures packed with background cards.

So, there aren't any Baby Boba variants.


--- Quote from: Jango Fettish on May 12, 2003, 06:34 PM ---
--- Quote from: JediMAC on May 12, 2003, 06:27 PM ---If anyone could tell you, it'd probably be him...

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Sorry Cory, no offense!   ;)   :P

Thomas is the local variation expert, just like you're the local (actually worldwide) Jango Fett expert.  I just figured since this was actually a Boba Fett figure, and not really Jango, that Thomas would be the best choice to contact.  But it seems the Jango helmet itself is worthy of your inclusion on the matter, so therefore, it appears Thomas' assistance is no longer needed here...   :)

I'd listen to this guy wai, he knows his stuff too, especially when there's even the slightest hint of Jango's involvement, as there is in this case...    8)

Just saw a picture from It is
from ebay and ended yesterday.The aution is for Young Boba Fett w/unpainted helmet and sold for about US$210.It is incrediable.The unpainted helmet just like Jango.No black (T visor),totally blue.I can't beleive it worth so much.It seems worth more than Jango's one.
Sorry I don't know how to put the link or pic here.

Link was not working so I fixed it for you.  ;)


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