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The greatest Laker ever and quite possibly the first half of the 20th Century's greatest superstar (well maybe behind the Babe) has died today at the age of 80

RIP George


RIP George Mikan  :'(

Now there was a Laker that I could care about.  He was the heart and soul of the Lakers waaaaaay before any of those other guys.

Wow, that's very sad.  Very sad.  The first real basketball superstar, and one of MN's finest sports figures, for sure.  One that us L.A. Laker fans can't really lay claim to, of course.  I'm glad that he and the rest of the MN Lakers got their proper due (as Laker legends) a couple years ago here in L.A. while he was still around though.

RIP George.  :'(

John C:
RIP George.  The NBA's original big man is in a better place. 

I trust you guys heard that Shaq's paying for his funeral.  That's very generous and nice of him.  Even if Shaq is a whiny little pee-hole.  At least he's capable of showing some respect to the man who paved the way for him, so kudos to Shaq for that.


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