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OK, I am going to do it, my TRU rant.

I HATE Toys R Us! The employees at these stores all care nothing about you or the merchandise. Every time I ask if there is something in the back, they say "Everything we have is already out". Not true, first of all, THEY DIDN'T CHECK!! Second, I have seen them bring things out after I asked and walked away. They treat you like crap.

The second thing is, figure condition. I am a mint on mint card collector, though if I relied on TRU, I would not be (able to). It is bad enough when they rip things out of the cases and throw it up on the peg, but yesterday, THE BINS!!

They had 2 HUGE freaking bins, and 2 shopping carts full of figures just totally demolished. Litterally, smashed, ripped, bent- you name it. Yes, they had Ephant Mon, yes, they had EVERY new figure out.

Did I buy anything?

Man, that's bad. I have not had any problems with TRU up north. When the 12" Luke Taun Taun came out, Membraneman wanted one. I went to TRU the next day as soon as they opened. None on the shelves. I ask  the lady at customer service if they had anymore. She phoned the back & there were some left. After afew mins, a gentleman comes out with a case sealed. He opened it very carefully & let me take it out of the case. The same thing with the Saga X-Wing. All case fresh.  :)
I have not seen any figures tossed in bins thus far but that may be only a matter of time.  

I have to strongly disagree with you Chris on just about everything you said about TRU.  That might be how it is at your local TRU store, but all the local ones by me (in the Chicago area) are pretty nice stores with nice employees.  I have never had any problems with our local TRU stores.  The only thing I will somewhat agree with you on is how they throw figures in the bins... not good for collectors.  But, I've always been able to find the figures I'm in need of hanging from pegs, and those have usually been in pretty good shape (most of the time in mint condition).

I bought 22 figures from my closest TRU store yesteraday, and landed 5 Ephant Mon and 8 Endor Rebel Soldiers (and only 3 out of them had slight creases on the cards... rest were mint).  For $2.99 what do you expect?

I think you were a little harsh about TRU, but that has to suck if your TRU store doesn't care about their employees.  Someone that worked there (at my local store) asked me if I needed a figure in particular, I told him what I was looking for, and he brought them out for me from the back.  Pretty nice guy, and I was pretty impressed that he brought more figs out when their pegs were jam-packed with them already.

Hey, if there's someone (a figure) in particular you're looking for let me know, and I will keep my eyes open for you.  I'd be more than happy to get it for you, if you'd be willing to either pay me for it (or offer a trade) and also pay for the shipping of it.  I've helped others in the past, and people have done the same for me.  We're here to help each other out, right?

Chris Belle:
I'd have to agree with dustrho.  Anytime that I've asked about something in the back they always go and check.  The bin thing is annoying to me but for another reason.  I'm an opener, so it's a pain to have to dig throught the whole bin to find one specific figure.  I never even bother to go to any stores on Black Friday, its too much stress.  The day after Xmas is bad enough. ;)

I sure wish the Toys R Us in my area were as good as both of yours. I would die in shock if they went in the back to check for me. I have said many times that I will not go back, but I always do (and find the same problems).


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