Author Topic: Does there exist a no coo Power Droid and a no coo Death Star Droid??  (Read 1898 times)

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Hi Everybody!! :)

I'm totally new to this forum, but some of you guys might know me from the Rebelscum forums, where I have the same username.

My main focus in the vintage star wars world is the many variations of the 3 3/4 inch figures - primarily the European variations, which often are identified by the lack of a country of origin mark on the back legs of the figures.

I have a fairly big collection of European variations, and many of them are pictured at my webshots site:

I thought, that I had registred as well as all European no coo variations by now, but I have heard rumours about 2 more; a no coo Power Droid and a no coo Death Star Droid. If any of you guys have information about/pics of those 2 "possible" produced variations, I will be VERY happy if you will make a reply to this topic! Do they exist??


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Hi Kenneth,

Welcome to the boards. A very impressive collection on your site, so many Euro variants. I've got a couple myself, nothing as vast as what you have, but they're all neat nonetheless. I only knew what I had thanks to the knowledge of Euro variant collector-extraordinaire Billy Boy. He's helped me out several times id'ing figures, unfortunately I haven't seen him about lately. But perhaps, like Batman running off to fight crime at the sight of the bat-signal, perhaps Billy will appear at the sight of his name.  ;D

Jason F.

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Somebody told me about this question Kenneth!

Thus better late than never.....

.....I've NEVER seen a NO COO 'Tri' DSD. Though the later HK examples (with the flat chest button etc) are the examples usually found on Palitoy 45C and Tri-logo cards!

A NO COO Tri Power Droid does exist BUT is incredibly hard to find; as so few Palitoy 45C cards existed of the figure and there was NO Tri-logo example released.

It can however sometimes be found in German Parker issue baggies (about 1 in 3)!

These are the ONLY examples of the Power Droid figure to be found in Kenner logo bags (rather than the regular black HK text baggies). It's darn tricky to find though.

Bill  :)