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Customized clone army's.  You pick whcih Battalion you want to play as  EI 501st, 212th

Also, play as more jedi, and bring back the Dune Sea, Rhen Var, and Bespin. 
AT the same time, expand on some missing things, like Ord Mandell and the bounty Husters after Han Solo and bring in Lando and bespin security ect,  this is a start, what do you want to see?

I'd like to be able to "Create your own Hero" characters.  Maybe by earning points you can do that. 



Here's what I'd like to see...

-The return of the Dune Sea, Rhen Var, and Cloud City maps.
-Snowtrooper armor for the Imperials on Mygeeto. I hated having to fight as a regular stormtrooper when I played on the Mygeeto map on BF2.
-More falling snow on the Mygeeto map.
-Different clone legions for different planets, like playing as the 212th on Utapau, Bacara's Snow Troops on Mygeeto, Gree's Scout Troops on Kashyyyk, etc.
-New maps: Saleucami, Senate Rotunda, Carida, Kalist VI, Korriban, Manaan, Malachor V, and Coruscant (Skyline).
-Juggernauts as a playable vehicle.

I would like to see playing as planet-specific soldiers. More maps, return of Cloud City, etc.

I would like to buy more items. I finish the Galactic Conquest portion again today on BF2 and had over 3,000 credits left. I already had 3 fleets. I'd like to get upgraded armor that you can actually see on the characters. More weapons, Big weapons, Vehicle purchases, more character selection that does not have to unlocked.


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