Author Topic: New TSC Darth Vader Issues  (Read 908 times)

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New TSC Darth Vader Issues
« on: April 11, 2006, 11:05 AM »
Dear Hasbro,

I applaud your effort in regards to keeping main characters on the retails shelves for our younger collectors. 

They appear to be selling well.

In fact, I bought one for my younger son.  He loves Darth Vader but quickly became frustrated with this toy...

My biggest complaint is the fact that the figure cannot hold the included lightsaber in either hand!  How did this get past QC?  Kids love to role play with their figures and this is a very big issue!  Who is Darth Vader without his lightsaber?

As well, the removable top helmet piece is useless.  It will not attach to the top of the figure's head - it is lacking "tabs" to keep it in place.  Again, what is Darth Vader without a helmet? 

My son constantly asks me to fix the above problems which, obviously, I cannot do.  The subject figure is fine for collectors (maybe) but is subpar for children - your target market based on the present and future assortment mixes.

Please implement a running change to this figure as it will cause many frustrated kids/parents.