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Darth Jaxx:
This might be an easy/silly question.

I have my pics hosted online.

How do I make a clickable thumbnail?


That's a little trickier than just "posting pictures" here at JD.  You'd have to create a seperate, smaller picture for your thumbnail, and then get the proper code to make it clickable into your larger pic (which I don't personally recall right now).  But get your second, smaller thumbnail, picture ready to go first (through Photoshop, or whatever), and then maybe someone can help you with the code...

[ url=] [ img ][ /img ][ /url ]

Remove the spaces and you are in business. :)

Darth Jaxx:
Thanks Ryan!  :)

Hey guys

I got another photo question for you.  Ever since the conversion to the new layout, some of the PNs have been more difficult to read due to the photos being cropped on the side. 

For example, when viewing the complete photo below, I need to scroll side-to-side in an inside window while the thread is in complete view w/o scrolling side to side.

Is this a settings problem on my end, or is this a result of the new layout?

SA Longhorn


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