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Firespeeder Pilot
« on: June 24, 2006, 05:29 PM »
On a day trip to NYC I couldn't help stopping at the giant TRU. I found the pegs clogged with Dofines, Foul Modaoumas, Bespin and Hoth Vaders, Holo Mundis, plus some of the good H&V (Clone, Pilot, Bacara...), CW Gunships and many, many, Hunt for Grievous packs. Plus all the VTSC except Luke and the Scout.

Did I not mention two Firespeeder Pilots? Got one!

Firespeeder Pilot

and the Utapau Briefing


Why do Firespeeder Pilots wear brown suspenders? Don't know, but I do know that my first thoughts were good ones.

Of course, he has the amazing TSC card with a cool scene. Many have complained of the Invisible Hand background. They wanted the Utapau briefing where the Firespeeder Pilots served as mechanics.

But we must all remember, that as a kid toy, Hasbro made sure he was placed in a scene where he would be noticed in the movie. No complaints for that!

So after going to Starbucks and Penn Station, then an hour or so ride home, he was now in my home and in the Clones Collection, a small family of cool SW figures!

Upon opening the figure, I noted all the goods and bads. Read each of the below sections for more info and the rest of the review.

Sculpt: Very, very nice. At first, his ball joint placement looks odd on the sculpt, but after moving that around, I noticed the sculpt was one of the best I've ever seen!

Paint: I thought the Utapau Clone was good, but this guy is definately on par with him if not better! NO slop, detail in all the spots I never thought I'd see it (i. e. Ridges in the helmet)! The backpack is scorched so bravo for that!

Articulation: A background character gets this? This, for those who were wondering, is AWESOME. Near SA, and very good for a character like him. The cut joints move just like ball joints, and he has ball jointed knees, and as a final note, his kneck joint is not limited by the tubes!

Accesories: A base, and a hologram figure, plus a backpack/hose thingy. The area that would launch "water" in real life is made from rubbery plastic. I mean VERY rubbery. It doesn't bend too much, and he has all he needs, just the rubberiness.

Holo Figure: A Rebel Trooper. It'll go good with my Stormtroopers. As always, detailed sculpt, and when held up to a light, it shines.

Quality: Nothing wrong with quality, at least in my figure.

Value: For some reason, basic figures are $7.99 at TRU NYC, but this guy is well worth $6.64 or $7.99. A good use of my money!

One of this year's best figures, if you see one, take it, he'll fly off the shelves!

Final Score: 9.5/10