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Mail away SA AOTC Clone?

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I got a question.  Has anyone heard about a mail away SA clone or one that comes as a bonus in a vehicle or figure pack?

I am asking because I found and bought a AOTC SA clone at the swap meet and it was was on a plain bubble with a plain red card back.  And a sticker that just said clone trooper attached to the out side of the bubble.  Is this a genuine hasbro product?

Anyways I popped it off the card and the waist was really loose on both points of articulation, plus the feet had peg holes unlike the CW SA trooper.  However it does have the hasbro name and place of manufacture on the proper foot.  I am confused.

As for the interior I popped both it (popped real easy without boiling, like there was no glue at all) and a ROTS SA clone.  This is how I found the problem with the waist.  The central peg is a styrene plastic and the rings on the sides are round and lack the squares to prevent turning in the mounting brackets (fixed it with superglue though, and I retained articulation).  This is completely different from the ROTS version.  Has any one popped a CW or EE version?  If so, is it like the ROTS or like how I described?

I want to know if mine is a bootleg SA or not.  If it is a bootleg, its a pretty well made one because with a few interior mods of the torso and some limb swaps with my busted ROTS SA, it made  a damn good template for my SA custom Alpha.

LMK your guy's theories and opinions on this.  Thanks.

There was an AOTC Clone pack-in with one of the Darth Vader carrying cases... probably from that piece.

Jesse James:
Yeah, those were just out this past year and were AOTC Clones...  I think.

Actually I think we were one of the first to note those, as I saw them at K-Mart...  Don't recall seeing it anywhere else though.

I saw those at Walmart. The Vader Carrying Case came with Anakin ROTS and a AOTC SA Clone.



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