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Darth Slothus:
Just thought I'd start a thread here for folks to brag about their recent TSC buys. Similar to the episode three recent purchases thread that I like to view so I know when to start hitting the stores

The stores around me have so much ROTS stock that there has been no sign of the "final 5".  Therefore, I'd just like to preemptively post that when you all start finding the 1st wave of TSC I will not be finding them for like 3-4 months after that... :P

Some stores in my area are well stocked with ROTS, others are not.   So who knows... I am sure that TSC will start leaking in before Christmas at some locations though.


Darth Tedious:
I just noticed that rishakra and CHEWIE's avatar gifs are very similar in theme.

Do you guys shop at the same kid getting hit in the head with a ball gif shop?  ;D

I was actually inspired by CHEWIE's gif.  The way that kid arches his back after getting popped in the head.   :D  Man that is too funny! 


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