Author Topic: Need help finding a accurate 1:18 scale Police Action Figure Line.  (Read 2209 times)

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An uncle of mine Opened a local Custom Model Car Shop. Being a Police officer, he has carved himself a nice little Market Niche creating Custom police Cars for Local Cops. It also helps, his shop being located right next to the Police Uniform and Supply store. I wanted to Try making some Accurate Police Officers to go along w/ his Custom 1:18 Scale Police Cruisers. The Only Problem I'm having, is finding good Fodder Sorces to Use to make these Customs other than the El'cheapo Dollar store Figs.

I need something w/ the Accuracy of the 21st Century Lines. If anyone has any Ideas, I could use some advice.

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BBI made 1:18 SWAT/Police a while back Fritz.  The line was their first, and ran alongside the original SEAL and Army Spec. Forces guys...  Mostly at specialty shops.  I have a complete set of the cops, they've all got unique heads save for two who re-use fairly generic heads from the TRU Seals/Spec. Ops.

Might find them on Ebay cheap.  I got my cop figures for less than their cost at EB Games stores if that helps.

Power Team Elite also made a limited SWAT line before they've fallen into some problems.  PTE still makes stuff as far as I know but it's harder to find than it used to be.  I got some of the SWAT guys and they're not bad...  NOt BBI level, but not bad.

Check BBI's site for the SWAT Guys, I think they're pictured.  One is a regular uniformed cop I believe.
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my only Idea is what I plan on doing for some of my Resident Evil cops.

first , get a figure , cut off the top of his head (up to where a hat would be)

next go to "dollar Tree" and I found that they have these 4 inch police officer statues there...the heads seem inscale with 3 inch figures, cut the police "hat" off and glue it on to the other figures head.

the nice thing is that these statues are only a dollar, but they are a bit hard to cut if you don't have a dremel.

 - Joe