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Anyone from Defender going to Philly in two weeks for Wizard World?

I'm going on Friday this year.


Nope.  Not a single person on their guest list I want to see.   :(  This'll be the first time in... five years I think, that I've skipped it - I only live an hour and a half from Philly.   

Jesse James:
I'm not planning to attend it E, but I don't really know much about WW Philly...  I've not heard much on SW guests but it takes a bit for me to leave the confines of Western PA, just due to costs and all... 

Anything in particular you're hitting the show for Eric? 

Nothing really specific this year.  In past years there have been a SW guest or two but none this time around.  I'm only going to be there Friday otherwise I'd love to see Kevin Smith talk on Saturday.

I usually find some good deals on SW merchandise of some sort whether it's cheap trade paperbacks or imported toys. 

There's usually something interesting.  I see Tom Hodges is listed as an artist this year so I may stop by his booth to see what he has.  And I usually support an indy artist every year by picking up a couple comics or some art or whatever.  I might also cruise for some of those Takara and Hot Toys Predator figures we were talking about in the other board.


Jesse James:
I saw some of the S2 Hot Toyz figs at the toy show out here last time it was around...  Good luck on those.  They're worth it.  YOu can usually get a case for under $100 on Ebay too though.  They're worth picking up man, trust me. :)


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