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mr director:
For anyone who is collecting Titanium vehicles, what vehicle would you like to see released?

I would like to see:

Tantive IV (Rebel Blockade)
B-Wing Fighter
Jabba's Barge
TIE Interceptor

Any ideas?

B-Wing and the Interceptor are already on Hasbro's list and they should be out soon.

mr director:
I'll be waiting.

B-wing would rule.

Darth Slothus:
ROTS shuttle
ROTS V wing!
Jabba's barge
Tie advanced
Version 1 Jedi SF!
Any of the 'street cars' from AOTC or Rots
'Manta-like' ship annakin flew in ROTS
General Grievous' ship
Cloud car
Tantative 4
Mon calamari cruiser
Rebel Medical frigate
Hailfire droid-with moving wheels!
Giant spider droid!
Wookie catamarang

How about creatures in titanium too!
Bantha w/ sandtrooper
Jawa w/ ronto
Sando-aqua monster
Flying creature from Kamino
Pteranodon-like creature from Utapau
Boga with rider

For Star Wars- there's really plenty they could do with this line still!


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