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Some sw items you may don't collect but I collect.

=SW phone cards or calling cards=
It 's quite hard to find and get.I just have a few
of them.Some from UK and some from Japan.

=SW Bookmark=
I love to collect them.I have about 20 but still need many especially vintage ROTJ bookmarks.I have a set bookmark from Hong Kong Sprite 1980 and a leaflet.That is my favourite set.

=SW Calender=
I have less 10.1997 to 2002.All sealed.Hope to get some vintage.

=Magazines with SW cover=
I know there is so many.My collection mostly from Ep1 & Ep2.Would like to get more vintage.Recently,I got one 1980 magazine just for US$3.00.Hopefully more coming soon.

=Japanese Wind-up=
There are 2 sets I know.
SW Trilogy Set.Set of 7:Darth Vader, Yoda, Stormtrooper,Chewbacca,R2-D2,C-3PO, Emperor
Ep1 Set.At least 10 or more:Anakin (Pilot),
Anakin (Tatooine),Queen (2 different),Darth Maul (2 different),Jar Jar,Qui-Gon,Obi-Wan,
Mace Windu,Sebulba,Watto,C-3PO,OOM-9,
Battle Droid (3 different)

More items added soon........

Have you collect these?

You have some very cool items there!

I try to collect magazines as well. I do my best to never miss an official Star Wars magazine, and then get others that Im interested in. I have collected Time magazines with Star Wars on the cover; the only one I need is for the first Star Wars, but I dont think it really has a Star Wars themed cover, just a mention of George Lucas and/or Star Wars

The bookmarks sound like an awesome thing to collect.  I don't think I've ever heard of anyone that collects those.  Very cool!

Another my cool collection

That's some cool stuff wai!  I don't have any of the calling cards or wind-up toys, but I have a good amount of the rest there.

I've got TONS of magazines (and books), probably 10-12 calendars (including a few vintage), almost all of the posters (just the cheap, standard versions), and about 6-10 bookmarks (that my wife usually throws in my Christmas stockings).

Some fun stuff to collect, for sure!  Keep it up wai!


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