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12" Leia on Speeder

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Found this picture on eBay...last I heard she was a Target exclusive...I wonder if she is still coming?

Leia on Speeder

Barbie Leia on a Speeder Bike. Lets hope she's going to be here. Time will tell I guess.

I hope she's released here soon, I like this version of Leia (except that I hope her hair is not red like the previous pictures I've seen).  For this particular one I wish that she wasn't smiling but I'll take it over the CS Leia anyday.  I'm one of the ones that liked the celebration Leia and was always hoping for better ones.  Maybe it has to do with the Barbie collector in me but I like her and I'm hoping that I can get a few because I can always pick up another scout trooper to ride the extra speeder and use the new body for other Leia's.

I sure hope she comes to the Targets out by me.  I wouldn't pass her up in a heartbeat.

Boba Binks:
Last I have heard Target is the store to have this product this Fall. It would make sense since they had the Biker Scout and Luke.


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