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Mr. Black's customs: Ven Zallow v4 update

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Well, I joined recently, might as well showcase my second Galactic Marine, which I finished last night.

Personally, I think I could've gotten around the pauldron a bit tidier. I'm exceptionally pleased with adding the head and with the kama on this one. I named this one 'Scar', because of the little slip of the exacto knife on his helmet, while removing the Snowtrooper's rim. And yes, a customizer was hurt in that process  ;). I also made a scar on the clone's face, above his left eye.

Let me know what you like and/or dislike? I'm planning on making more of these, and I believe each should be an improvement over the other  :)

That looks really, really good.  "Scar" - I like that.

Care to share the recipe you used?


Thanks, Chewie!

I used the following parts:

Helmet, backpack: Saga Snowtrooper
Head: AT-TE Gunner
Torso, arms, belt, pauldron: Clone Commander
Waist, legs: Clone Pilot
Kama: made from a piece of an old blouse.

The bootstraps are those clear elastic bands that held ROTS Aayla in her package.

that looks really good. the kama inparticular is great. it dosn't match the armor, but i don't think that really matters much, it looks great ,very well done and unique. the helemt also looks good, i like that you used the whole plastic helmet instead of adding a soft goods face cover, good choice. thanks for showing it!

This one of my favorite GM customs, I just love the two-tone cloth kama...just great!


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