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Biker Scout and Utapau Clone
« on: June 24, 2006, 05:30 PM »
Clone Trooper: (Pics coming soon!!!!)
At first look, the packaging is similar to the Original Trilogy Collection Basic Figure Cards. A closer look, and you'll discover it's very much an amazing move.

First, a feature from the OTC is the background scenery. This adds a great deal of fun to lookiing at a MOC collection. This particular background depicts the Battle of Utapau. Also the back is a very nice addition.

The unique "profile" each figure carries adds fun for kids. Very familiar to POTJ collectors, the data areas include "Mission" "Fights For" "Affiliation" etc. Kids can send the figures on missions and for adults, they're quite amusing to read.

Upon opening the figure, I noted all the goods and bads. Read each of the below sections for more info and the rest of the review.

Sculpt: Top notch. As a repaint of the beloved III-41 Clone Figure, the comments here are definatley short! Everything looks great, my only down is that the belt is still upside down. Virtually unnoticable, so it doesn't take too much off of the appeal of the figure. Think about it, kids, as the main audience, aren't going to notice and get frustrated.

Paint: I don't know if Hasbro went to heaven or got some customizers, but this is the best. Very much what you would expect out of a custom figure with scuff marks all over. A tad bit of slop, but nothing to ruin this amazing paint job. One final gimmick, there is no paint in those two lines on the left area of the chest armor.

Articulation: As a repaint of a Super Articulated Figure, what do you think? All over: JOINTS JOINTS JOINTS. Also, the joints are a bit more snug, in a good way, because that means: NO LOOSE JOINTS. Bravo Hasbro, bravo!

Accesories: Many complain about the lack of a rifle. But think about it. It was with the DC-15 Pistol that Clones blasted a Crab Droid, killed Zett Jukassa, and who knows what else! This is fine by me. Also included is a wonderful personalized base and an antennae which adds to the play value.

Holo Figure: Packed in my copy was a Stormtrooper. Pretty ironic, eh? Each of the holo figures are very detailed and when held up to a light they, the light will shine through them, making for a very cool effect.

Quality: No loose joints, very little slop, everything is fine quality.

Value: There are some figures in this line not worth the now average $6.99, or in my case $6.64. However, this one is! The SA, the accesories, holo figure, neat card, and more seriously make a great figure, worth my money, and yours'.

Final Score: 9/10

Biker Scout (Pics coming soon!!!)

There is always a figure that stands out. The new VTSC figures have very much earned that title.

The packaging is very detailed on the front, and has a fun to read cardback. The card is nearly the same as the vintage figure card.

POP Tabs, SA, Old memories, and a boatload of great figures, yeah, that's what these are all about!

Upon opening the figure, I noted all the goods and bads. Read each of the below sections for more info and the rest of the review.

Sculpt: Very, very detailed. By golly, it is just AWESOME! The puches move when the legs push them, the texture is so realistic, I can't belive this is Hasbro!

Paint: Also great. A good move by Hasbro to paint the white armor on black plastic. It adds to quality and realism. Very nice paint job, and good dirt on the boots.

Articulation: Most of us know, there has never been a scout trooper with good articulation. This figure fills in the gap. SA! Very good, but the waist movement is more limited than that of the SA Clone. Still, very big part of this figure's final score.

Accesories: Just a pistol. While some may disagree, it's all he needs, and all he was shown with in the movie. Plus, Hasbro is trying to make these seem vintage, and all that the vintage figure included was a pistol. Nice that it fits in the holster!

Quality: The waist is a bit loose. But not very, your figure might be different. Some have reported that the figures hands fall out when the elbow is moved. Not mine.

Value: $11.99 is a bit steep for some of these figures, but in my view, this guy is well worth it. Think about it, just a matter of time until he is repainted into a BARC Trooper!

POP Offer: I was afraid my figure would not have his POP, but he did! The offer is very fun for some, but has driven others crazy. Ugh...

Final Score: 10/10

These are both great figures, and I highly reccomend you buy them. Now. I mean it. What? You don't want them! Well!!!!!!!