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--- Quote from: KG's fishing buddy on April 30, 2003, 04:13 AM ---I've been trying to get 2 of each mini-head, so I can display them next to eachother - one closed, and one open with the figure displayed inside.  Scored 9 of the HTF foreign heads in a trade just 2 weeks ago, and now just need one more Coll. 5 and two of the VHTF Coll. 7...
--- End quote ---

Just polished off my Coll. 5 on eBay, so now just two Collection 7's to go!   8)  Long time comin', this complete set's been...

 :-\Nope, I'm afraid I have started a collection of these yet. If I was to start where would I start looking?

I also got all these.  Like you, I am missing Coll. 7.....have been watching one or two on eBay from time to time but not paying $100+ for it.

I got one of each loose......including the C-3PO mailaway.....

I think they are pretty nifty.

I have all but the snowtrooper pack.  All are loose of course and I got the TIE pilot "group" from the Pizza Hut baggies (on Ebay) in 2000 or 2001.  The are pretty cool but hard to display.  I have mine in a box.


Yep, I remember these from back in the day, but I don't own any unfortunately.

I don't recall seeing them on the secondary market since. If I came across some now I'd buy 'em if the price was reasonable.


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