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I primarily collect the NFL line.  I get scattered pieces from the NHL and MLB lines.  It's ususally dependent upon me liking the player, or the player being from a NY area team.  I don't collect the NBA line at all, and won't be getting any of the NASCAR pieces, either.

Cool.  I collect primarily hockey, have all of NHL3 and NHL4 regs and variants.  Most of NHL2 (all regs) and have repaints of Roy and Cujo.  

Not much luck up here with NFL.  The line is too hot with collectors and resellers alike and I don't believe in physical violence to obtain toys.  As such, I miss out on most if not all of the NFL stuff.  Just as well really as I'd probably end up trading it away.  

I have spares of most of NHL4 chase if you need any (not Kovalchuk).  I also have a grey Ichiro and a grey Hoffman if you want them.  I can either sell them to ya (C&S) or we could trade (2 SW for 1 SP?).  No worries if none of it interests ya.  Just prefer to trade with someone from a star wars board.  

Thanks for offer Morgbug, I appreciate it!  I'm gonna pass, though.  I've scaled back on getting the variants unless it's a player I really want, or it's an NFL player, or something from the older series' that I missed.  I think I'm going to completely skip MLB4.  I'm still on the fence about a couple of them.  I'm pretty much waiting for MLB5 to get back into things.

One thing I am doing to help things is ordering cases.  At least for the NFL line.  I already pre-ordered a case of NFL6 from, and I'll be pre-ordering a case of NFL7, also.  It helps with the variants.  You get at least one per case, and sometimes 2 per case.  Plus, you don't have to worry as much about the shortpacked figures.  As for the excess, I'm just going to trade or sell those off at cost + shipping.

No problem at all.  I knew when I bought the baseball variants, I'd have a hard time getting rid of them.  LOL.  

I've ordered cases previously, though I prefer because of the customs issues with ordering from US retailers.  My case of NHL4 had 3 variants in it and I am hoping for a near repeat performance for NHL5 (aka the Canadian series).  Are you over on the McFarlane board as well?  

I'm not so into the NFL figs.  For myself I have regs of Bennett, Culpepper, Moss (dick) and Vick.  I would love to have a 49ers Rice, but no way I was ever going to drop $100 on something I marginally want in the first place.  I still have a few NFL4 figs, but only regs - Williams,  red socks Sehorn and a couple of others.  That's about it though.  I'll probably just keep hoping to have luck with NFL6-7.  Probably won't happen, but ya never know.  I think between 6 Walmarts and two TRU's our city received about 25 cases total.  Just an absolute madhouse.  Fights in the aisles, that also happened with NHL4.  Crazy people.

Since I realize it will be almost impossible to find one here, anyone who can get me a Torii Hunter (who is in MLB 5) will be forever in my debt :-*


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