Author Topic: New JD Review: Naboo Soldier  (Read 4193 times)

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Re: New JD Review: Naboo Soldier
« Reply #15 on: December 11, 2006, 02:38 AM »
I agree w/ you Jesse why they would give this guy near SA when he appeared in one shot while thye have Bren who appeared in a couple who gets a crappy figure. They blow my mind. ::)

Dont' get me wrong on that Artoo...  I'm all for the figure's articulation.  I just found it a bit odd was all.  It's a major plus on this figure though, no doubt, that he's got pseudo-great articulation.  The knees were a dropped ball (why not just ball/socket joints instead of the lame pin-swivel?  I have no clue why they did that), but still it's knee articulation which is better than no knee articulation *cough*Momaw Nadon & countless other '06 figures*cough*.

Still though, for such a background (and not even a soldier supposedly) figure, the articulation seemed actually above average.  Good for this figure, but it made all those others (Derlin, Veers, Scorch, etc., etc.) sting a bit more, ya know?
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