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2003 Clone Wars DVD 3-Packs - who wants more?


Darth Slothus:
Can't wait for this fall....I'm sure around DVD time again(November 1st) we will see the 3rd round of the cartoon DVD sets. Wonder who will be in them this time? Repacks? Rehashes? Will it remain a WM exclusive in 'the states'?

I would like maybe that creature Yoda rides on in Coruscant in the set....thoughts?

If WM has the exclusive rights again then I'm sure Target will shell out their SBP at the same time.

Id like to see Roron Corobb in one of the sets.

Hasbro said the toon-style figures are dead for the time being, and future CW figures will be in the realistic style. I have mixed feelings on this: I liked the toon figures that were done, but at the same time I won't miss not having more of them.

Not to mention, the next series won't be out for another year at the earliest, so the only chance of more CW DVDs will be the (presumable) rerelease of Vols. 1 and 2 together--probably shortly before the new series premieres.

I missed the packs the first time around, and can't find any on any online websites for a reasonable price, so I hope that at least Saesae Tiin will be released again.


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