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I thought we could have a thread here like at Rebelscum where we can trade unneeded parts left over from customs (there isn't already a thread like this, is there?).  Please post wants and/or haves!


1) Incomplete Ep1 Sith accessory set: maul saber, saber hilt, wrist band, binoculars, and firing backpack (missing probe droids and cloak)
2) Incomplete Ep1 Tat set: coolth backpack, blaster, rifle, watto's datapad (missing yellow droid)
3) POTF2 Ben Kenobi no head
4) Chewie in chains (no chain!)
5) Soft goods: POTJ Lando's cloak, Leia collection (ANH white dress, ANH ceremonial cape and skirt, ANH ceremonial Luke jacket, ESB Han jacket), POTF2 cargo net, Complete Galaxy Vader cape
6) POTF2 Sandtrooper no hands
7) Spirit Ben (c8)
8) Beast pack Han (no head or arms)
9) POTF2 Endor soldier backpack (2)
10) POTF2 Lando Bespin (no head or hands)
11) Pieces parts: Valorum arms, POTF2 Vader right leg, POTF2 Royal Guard arms, ANH celebration Luke legs, Dejarik Chewie arms, SAGA CC Obi-Wan arms, Boss Nass staff, POTF2 RFT helmet, Tatooine Maul saber, Logray bag, OOM-9 antenna, Dengar hands, Complete Galaxy Vader no legs
12) Vintage snowtrooper rifle, vintage Han blaster
13) Qui-gon hilt from robed version (the one that attaches to his belt)

Please email if you want to trade or buy!

I figured it's about time we had one of these. :) Maybe it'll help spark more interest in this section. to try and make this easier and quiker to read for all of us try keep only one list. Don't post a new list everytime you need a part. Just edit and update your old list. That'll keep the number of new posts down so we can see what each other needs easily. Secondly, reply to a request via email or PM. Try not to reply in a post, as that will just add to the number of posts and it'll get confusing after a while. Have fun boys and girls! :)

Great thinking SLC!!!  This should be a sticky topic.

Ok I need the following -

SAGA bearded Endor Rebel head - x 3

Ree Yees head - x 1

Ishi Tib head - x 1

Jango Fett removable helmet (just the helmet) - x 2



--- Quote from: CHEWIE on April 19, 2005, 10:39 PM ---Great thinking SLC!!!  This should be a sticky topic.

--- End quote ---


Thank you :) Great Avatar BTW ;D

My needs list as of 4/27 is:

various male heads from the BBi or GiJoe line, or non hero male SW heads (by hero heads I mean Luke, Han, Lando, Obi-Wan, etc.)
BBi figures US military figures (not sure what's out the I need to check them out more to find Out what I need for sure)
1 Yarua head
1 Bust up Chewie head (the ones that are 3 3/4" scale)

That's it for now.


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