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Holographic Elvis:
Well I couldn't find a thread on these, so forgive me if there is one (the search didn't produce one.)  Who all collects these?  I myself have Padme, Mace, ARC Trooper and Obi-Wan (my most recent purchase.) 

ACME will have the Anakin Skywalker and Darth Sidious keys available at Comic Con. 

Anakin is limited to a thousand pieces and you can purchase a max of 3 at Comic Con.  He'll be available on after Comic Con as well. 

Darth Sidious, on the other hand, is limited to 500 pieces and will be 1 per attendee at the Con.  50 will go onsale on ACME's website tomorrow at 10am for those not attending.  I see this piece reaching the $200 plateau as soon as Comic Con is over.  It's the most limited key thus far.

I have a few, Grievous was the first one then Padme & shortly I will have the ARC Trooper. I would love to get Sidious but I will have no access to the PC tomorrow.  :'(

Yeah, prices on these sure are climbing. Yoda is far out of reach.  :-\

I haven't picked any of these up myself but I've only come to realize them about a month ago when I saw the Arc Trooper. Though it was cool but didn't preorder it. Now that I'm seeing them around a little more they've become more appealing. I'll have to see one in person to know for sure but I very well may get into this line.

Holographic Elvis:
Well, the Sidious key sold out in less than 1 minute.  After reading the thread on Scum about this key, it appears that everyone actually had it in their cart only to lose it at the credit card info screen.  People are furious.  This is right up there with the Blackhole Stormie bust. 

I was just reading about this myself. I wonder how it will go down at CC. They'll probably sell out in the first night if they don't allocate per day. This might be a booth that has to be hit first going in on preview night.


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