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Teaser Trailer

Holy crap... this game looks insane! I've always wanted to play a SW game where you just use Force powers to unleash hell. Looking forward to this one very much...

They showed the teaser at Comic-Con looks pretty cool. Loved the bouncing Stormtrooper part.

Pretty cool!  I'm guessing the story is centered around some remaining Jedi after ROTS.  Is this just for the PS3 or will there be a PC version?

All they said at CC was it was going to be with the nextgen machines. No mention of a PC release. But Im sure they will. Lucasarts is good to the PC gamer.

True....but there have been a few "console only" games like Obi-Wan.  I think they came out with a PC version of SOTE, but it came out so late and in such a small production amount, that I never picked it up.


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