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I know a lot of you here will but spread the early, vote often, vote Willrow

For those that don't know, yours truly started the whole Ice Cream Maker Guy push almost 4 years ago

I collected signatures at Comic Con (through the San Diego SW Club) for two straight years,  I set up a website (which Brad and LandotheScoundrel helped me with) and the petition to get this guy made

Here's a little history as to why:

That summer the BHC (nee Rebelscum's teenage wasteland) was rife with newbie after newbie whining and crying about Attack of the Clones.  I come to find out that Jedi Master Plo Koon through the good graces of the wonderful world of EU could project Ice

Being the sarcastic sonofagun I am, I started crafting the back story of one Ice Cream Maker Guy.  Who had been dubbed "Willrow Hood" by Decipher.

Also at the time one Adam Pawlus of at the time Yakface was getting lots and lots of questions about Petitions.  He said if he could get a petition with 100 signatures he'd post it on the front page of Yakface.  So...The petition, site and thread were born

And I quickly got like 500 signatures

--- Quote ---Petition: Bespin Ice Cream Maker Guy
June 20, 2002 | 2:04 AM EST | Adam

NOTE: Many of your emails seem to show that you believe we created this petition-- we didn't. Reader Scott set up the whole deal, the post below is just our announcing what he's created. Back to your regularly scheduled news.

When it comes to petitions, it's our policy to give a shout-out to those who manage to get at least 100 signatures. As we're true to our word, here's what reader Scott Pearson put together:

"Ice Cream Maker Guy

Bespin's frozen novelty specialist in all his glory...

Here is my Website giving some background on ICMG

And here is the petition which I started yesterday...

Thanks!!! And lets all hope someday soon Ice Cream
Maker Guy will be hanging on the pegs!" is now working on revising its petition policy.
--- End quote ---

The whole thing was to say, lets get behind something as a community, lets get behind something funny and lets prove to Adam Pawlus that he's not the only one who can get something made.  If you notice towards the end of the thread there, JediPadawan and the Coleman Kids start their own petition for Coleman Trebor

ANyway...its been 4 years, the petition is still active, there are like 1700 people who have signed.  I see the fact that Willrow made the top 25 as a tip of the cap to the legacy I created. So I beg of you, vote for Willrow, make my dream come true

Don't waste it on some non canon piece of crap EU figure (no offense to those that want those :P)  I myself probably want Hermi and Yarna over Willrow too but in the end, it comes down to following my heart.  And my heart really wants an Ice Cream Maker Guy, to prove Adam Pawlus wrong, to prove SirSteve wrong (who basically told me to buzz off at the time and Hasbro will never make this figure)

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So letís start giving

Please vote, Willrow Hood when the Top 25 comes out, do it for me, do it for my family, do it for anyone you know who had a dream and was this close to having it come true.

Thank You!

Should pop the link for toyfare into here Scott.  I've no idea when I signed that petitition, but I know I did.  I'd dearly love to see this figure made.  That's not to say I don't want other figures made from the top 25, but it would be awesome to see that something like this, that you started, could make it to a figure. 

I think it's one hell of an accomplishment that it's already made the top 25, but damn, a figure.  That'd be sweet. :)

Well, I was wavering on this, but I will back it, and here is why:

Every year there are a 3-6 figures that are total losers. They are either characters done in too many poses with too many gadget features, or simply utterly lame characters that maybe shouldn't have been in the movie much less made in to plastic. I have bought many of these, thinking I would always be a completist.
Well I'm not a completist anymore, and here is why:

Bib Fortuna.

 It may be a little more complicated than that, but when I saw him in January, at seven dollars, I knew Hasbro had gone too far.
Sure a 12.00 Greedo is about as welcome as a cold-sore, but the 3rd poor version of a gland challenged lackey to a slug had me saying enough is enough.

I know that I will happily buy Willrow Hood over Bib # 4. Short pack him, keep him in only 1 or 2 waves, and he won't be hanging around like some of the sludge to be put behind a bubble on cardboard. Heck, throw in an Ugnaught and this think risks being popular.

Plus I like the effort that has gone in to the process.

But I won't back it to snub AP. I've been reading his take on Star Wars collecting since I picked up this bad habit again in 1995. I know sometimes people who seem to be in the spotlight of the collecting community take a beating, but I appreciate his efforts and enthusiasm over the years. is a pretty cool site too, and I've started adding that to my weekly web wanderings.

I will buy Willrow, and I will hope they get the price under 6.00 again before the end of the year. And if Willrow can prevent just one Bib Fortuna in the future, it will have done good.

I'm voting for Bastila from the KOTOR game, but if Willrow is made, I'd gladly buy him.  :)

Well Scott, you've (or Willrow's) got my vote.  After seeing that list of predominantly EU (pronounced "EWWWWWWWWWWW") stuff of the least interesting degree, ICMG will be at the top of my list. 

The only other choice I would have made would honestly have been for Darth Malak from KOTOR (which I haven't played yet) just to shut Pawlus up about how KOTOR figures won't sell. 


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