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Looking for Action Figure Head advice

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Hi there   I am  looking for skulls that are the right size of a star wars action figures head to go on to a  clonetroopers body can any one help with casts or with any info to help a uk fan plus votc boba fetts please thanks bilbo in the uk .

It's bilbo! We've missed you buddy. :-*

As for skulls try either the skulls that came with Amanaman or the Deadites from Army of Darkness. I believe the AoD are made by Palisade you may have to check eBay or one of various online toy stores for them.

I was going to suggest the same as Ryan.  The Army of Darkness figures work pretty well.  Fritzkrieg made a bunch of those ealier this year.

Brisk Arper:
i couldnt agree of darkness make perfect fryed or dead stormies or clones ect...that's where you need to look

Does n e one know where i can get one of these heads??


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