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Jesse James:
The storyline of the entire series goes:

-Dark Forces
-Jedi Knight
-Mysteries of the Sith
-Jedi Outcast
-Jedi Academy

JO and JA never caught on...  At that point, like I said, FPS gaming was moving away from how JO and JA were going, and as nice looking as they are (they hold up surprisingly well) they're just not as nice in how they control IMO.  JK was kind of unmatched (and MOTS by default since it was basically the same engine).

It was the last innovative game ultimately...  JO and JA didn't do anything new that other games weren't doing, and quite a few doing better.

I liked JA better, for some reason.  The customizability of it I guess...  It's a neat premise too, how the JA would function in basically the New Jedi Order and all.  It kind of gave youa  little hands-on with that concept that was really not touched in videogaming at all.  That era was largely forgotten in anything other than comics and novels.

I loved The whole dark forces series, I really wish we could see a new story with Kyle someday. with all the amazing FPS game companies put out, it would be tough, but Lucasarts really did knock out some great hits.

Speaking of JO and JA, I liked the multiplayer maps on JO better than JA, but I agree with Jesse, JA is a better game with the customizing.
The downloadable maps and skins people have made, some are just amazing
This website has addons for both JO and JA (

I miss the good ole Lucasarts games, developed in house.
Hell, I would love to see another SCUMM ( from lucasarts
I loved Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis



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