Author Topic: UGP SWAT/Spec Ops?  (Read 2492 times)

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Re: UGP Spec Ops?
« Reply #15 on: November 1, 2006, 02:22 PM »
Just throwing Ideas.
I like Pendragon's a lot. If it's going to be spec ops the I think gadjets are the key. I would loose the shield  (I think it's would look better with a crowd/riot control trooper). I think some kind of unique accesory would be in order  Like a some kind of mission imposible rapeling  gun or a communication/hologram device of some sort.

Other thoughts for gagets?....

-Net launcher or bolo launcher.Spec ops could run capture missions. It's an old aboringinal weapon from Australia I think. Take a look at Durge's weapn. You know the one with the chain and two or three metal balls. Just make a special gun that shoots it.

-Remote control weapon on a tripod?

- A seeker droid (make it completly different from any other one that has bee made

Other thoughts for gagets?....

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Re: UGP SWAT/Spec Ops?
« Reply #16 on: November 1, 2006, 09:58 PM »
Patreek - Cool Ideas! Especially the seeker droids... I'll have to get to work on those - I really like the idea.
And thanks for the comment, guys!

I guess I should change the name of the thread tho.... I really wasn't thinking when I posted my original little mistake. But now, as I've begun to think up a back story, change the heads, and add a couple members, I probably ought to either call them some sort of a S.W.A.T.-type team, or do as Patreek's suggested.

...that guy seems like some sort of dreaknock from GI JOE or something... I could maybe see this guy in the underground of Coruscant... Special Ops to me almost seems more of a clone war thing, because Lucasfilm wanted to create so many clones just for marketing purposes... know what I mean? ...
I hear ya man. I assure you tho, at this point, I'm only creating these guys out of a sense of utility :) And I was thinking the same thing about the dreaknock-ishness of this guy. Luckily, he's the only one that looks like this. ;)

Maybe I'll be able to get this done completely & you'll see what I'm going for. In the mean time, if you could let me know a few specifics on what you don't like about the arms, I'd appreciate it muchly.

And I hope you get some more time and can show us your concepts! 8)

...I wonder if they would be better as rebels instead of clones. Rebels don't all have to be fleet troopers.
That's a good point, but I'm not sure that any of the rebels would be this well organized... Tho maybe a small, free-lance band of professional freedom fighters?
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