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Just noticed this report at RS the other day, listing some info on the upcoming TRU exclusives.  According to this info, the "Endor" AT-AT will be priced at $89.99.  Yikes.  I guess I figured it would be pretty pricey, but I didn't know if it would get that high or not.  I hope to pick one up, just because I don't have an AT-AT in any form yet, but I might have to check ebay prices for the POTF2 one.  More info on other TRU stuff at the linky, if interested.

The POTF2 one in ebay still goes around $100.  I have been watching for a while b/c I want a few more and I always get outbid around $75/80.  So I will be getting one or two of these.

I already have 2 AT-ATs, a vintage one and the POTF2 one. I dont think i really need another, unless it comes with some very cool exclusive pack-in figures. I am really hoping it doesnt though.

I thought I read somewhere that the AT-AT was going to be sold naked - IE:  no electronics or figures.

To get my $100, the deco and packaging has to kick major ass!

Why does it seem like all the exclusives are coming out at once? I really liked the non-exclusive period we just came out of. Simpler times... simpler times.


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