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Does Anyone Collect Micro Machines?

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Well I might as well start something here.
Does any one collect Micro Machines?
I have a few from a few years back. They are the 3 packs from 95 or 97. They are from the Trilogy set.
They look like this:

Anyone else collect them or Action Fleet?  

I have a whole bunch of those "Head Playsets" as well as the other playsets. Most of 'em are really old and are missing the parts. :) I still have a bunch of the actual ships in good condition, though.

Chris Belle:
I have 2 of the Micro Machines playsets, Hoth and Dagobah.  I believe they have all their pieces.  Never really got into them, they were gifts.

I have a few sets that are the heads of famous Star Wars characters (that when you open them up there's a scene inside).  Here's a list of the heads I have (some pieces are missing from a few, but some are also mint...

Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
Royal Guard

Yep!  I've got all of the Action Fleet and MicroMachines to date, but only for the Original Trilogy and EU - I laid off of them for the prequels though.

Actually, there are still a few items that I'm missing:  The second wave of those 3 EU novel book sets, one more of the MINI-head 3-packs (the walnut sized ones with one figure in them), and the Holy Grail of A.F. - the Tie Defender.  Unfortunately, these items are extremely HTF and go for some pretty big bucks when they do occasionally surface.

I love miniature stuff in general, so these two lines really fill that need for me when it comes to the SW universe.

The Kenner DieCast Collection from the early 80's will always be the King of the smaller scale though.  Those sets were the best - with the most incredibly detailed play environments ever in Star Wars toys.  I really wish Hasbro would bring something back along those lines.  The Action Fleet ships of today do quite nicely, but the playsets still have room for improvement.  I'd also like to see Hasbro start doing the Action Fleet ships more in scale to eachother, or at least moreso (within reason) for some of the larger ships (AT-AT, Falcon).


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