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How does Vader know who "Luke" is?

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I can't remember if this is explained somewhere in the EU, but a friend and I are talking about this, and we can't figure it out.

Vader is setting a trap on Bespin for the young Skywalker, and he must not become a Jedi and all......but they don't actually MEET until the duel at Bespin.

He sees him on the Death Star, and he recognizes that Luke has the force during the trench runs....but he never actually meets him, or hears his name as far as I know in the movieline before Bespin.

Anyone?  Is This EU stuff?

Snively Bandar:
My guess is that Palpatine knew or figured out who Luke was (or that he at least existed) and kept Vader informed, thus the "the son of Skywalker must not be allowed to become a Jedi" line in ESB.

Perhaps the Emperor somehow figured it out after the Death Star was blown up (put 2 and 2 together).  I wouldn't figure he'd have known all along, but with his powers, perhaps he did.  Maybe they just couldn't actually figure out where Anakin's son was hidden, but always knew of him (even though he was "hidden").  Vader never really says anything specifically that he did NOT know that Luke existed.

Who knows?  Interesting though.  Couldn't say anything in regards to whether it's covered in the EU or not - don't read too much of that stuff myself.

My girlfriend had this to say:

In ANH during the trench scene.  Remember when Vader was behind him and
sensed that the force was strong with this one?  Fast forward to ESB in the
opening crawl it states that Vader has become obsessed with finding
I don't remember if anything EU was said about how he found out the name of
that pilot that was strong with the force.  However I'm sure it couldn't
have been too hard.  He was, after all credited with destroying the death
star.  I'm sure he became a hero and a legend.  The empire has military
intelligence after all I'm sure it wouldn't take much digging.

I remember there was a comic called "Vader's Quest" wherein the quest was to find out who blew up the Death Star: in the end he hears Luke's name for the first time. That's the EU answer for that.

As to recognizing him on Bespin, I think he could "feel" him in the Force.

Snively Bandar:
Smart lady you got there JoshEEE!  I think you and Muftak covered it in these last two posts.  That makes the most sense anyways.

I'm sure Luke's notoriety spiked after polishing off the Empire's ultimate weapon.  Probably wasn't terribly difficult for the Imperial Spies to put their ears to the walls and find out who done it!

I suppose an even better question is:

Why the hell didn't someone change poor Luke's last name somewhere along the line?  Wouldn't Obi-Wan or Yoda have thought that might be a good idea to better conceal his identity and keep him hidden and safe from his nasty Pops?

I think I've seen this question discussed before, and it usually goes something like:  Well, the name Skywalker must be the equivalent to "Smith" or "Jones" on Tattooine, or something to that effect.  Well, I ain't buying it!  Either Ben and Yoda were way stupid, or they almost wanted Luke to be found out eventually.  Perhaps due to him having some kind of date with his family's destiny?


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