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Hi there.

One of the members of the dansih forum (where I'm still admin  ;)) has made a petition against Jim Ward, whom he would like to get fired as president for Lucas Arts, since the games haw drop down in quailty or so and Ward is lying to the fans.

Here is a link to his petition:

Hmm.... I thought BFII wasn't as good as BFI - but I didn't realize it was this one guy's fault.

Jim Ward was my history professor in college.

On second thought....that was probably not the same guy.


--- Quote from: HWR on September  5, 2006, 01:58 PM --- Ward is lying to the fans.

--- End quote ---

What did he lie about?

Angry Ewok:
God damnit, ruiner, didn't you read the petition statement?


To:  Jim Ward

This petition is against the President of LucasArts, Jim Ward. The goal is to get him fired from his position.

Jim Ward has been president for Lucasarts for two years so far, and he states himself that he has helped the company - that is a LIE. Surely, Lucasarts must have been making alot more money by SCAMMING people!
We have seen bug filled and half finished games for too long now! Battlefront2, great publicity campaign but it was only a SHADOW of what it could have been if Jim Ward had given the developers more time.
Same goes with Knights Of The Old Republic II; The Sith Lords. Some freetime modders found hidden cutscenes deep in the game folder even, which the developers did not have time to put in the final game. Wasted work, because of DEADLINES. And lets not forget how many bugs and missing animations we had in the game too!
And the worst of them all, Star Wars Galaxies. Combat Upgrade, and New Game Enhancements. SWG was once a great game, with a lot of potential for the future. Jim Ward is responsible for pushing out the Combat Upgrade and New Game Enhancements changes so quickly and without thinking of the consequences that he has almost destroyed them, if not already did. 2 revamps in ONE year for ONE game! Lucasarts works together with Sony Online Entertainment in this game, and they have been the ones the playerbase has been blaming all along. While he sits on his butt in his office and counts the money he earns on half finished products that people buys anyway! This has GOT to stop!

It hurts my heart as a Star Wars fan, to see a man like this ruining everything that was epic about it, because of money, money and money. Please sign this petition, for the future of Star Wars, and also a big step for the battle of better business ethics!

YOu have the power to get Jim Ward, President of Lucasarts fired from his position!


The Undersigned


Obviously, Jim Ward is a liar for claiming to have helped LucasArts.

edit - excuse me while I **** up this coding, Jim Ward style....


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