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The Sith's Herald's collection - 2011 Update

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Siths Herald:
I'm going to have space for about 26 ft of shelving.  I'll probably go 4 tiers, so will probably custom build it.  I don't know yet if I will start making dioramas, or just categorize things.  Probably a combo of both. 

I could have spent last night filling holes in the old room, left from shelf screws, in order to paint it.  After the last few days, I thought it more important to play Lego Batman on the Wii for a while instead.  :)

Siths Herald:
Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen it...

  I got everything moved out of my old room, got all of the shelf bracket holes patched, repainted and, last night, started moving the office in there. 

The bonus about all of this is that with each room I move, it creates an opportunity to take stock and get rid of old, broken, and irrelevant items. (I may even see my collection thinned out as a result.)

Siths Herald:
Time for an update on the project.  It is becomeing more about the space as a whole than about the collection occupying it. 
First, I thought I'd share some before and after of the old room.  It's quite a transformation.





Next, some pics of the new space as a work in progress.  I have yet to build shelves for the actual toys, but everything else is coming along.

View as you walk into the room

My work table

One finished display wall

TV, bookcase and storage nook

Most of the bigger pieces waiting for custom shelves.  The shelves will be 24 inches deep, 7 feet high and cover the 18 linear feet of the two empty walls.

Finally - 42 gallon ziploc bags of figures just sitting and waiting.

Looking good Steve.  Bet you're licking your chops with all that extra space!


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