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--- Quote from: drewlam on July 11, 2013, 12:57 PM ---Hmm, just looked into the premier guild, and it's a possibility I suppose.  If I can wait until the Fett is available and then use the $30 for him then it's more appealing.  Otherwise the $80 is pretty pricey to add to the $150. 

--- End quote ---

Brent pretty much already said this, but in fairness to GG, that $80 also gets you your choice of Holo Vader or Mace Windu Mini-Busts (or a large scale vintage Rocket Firing Fett).  Last year it was the RFT, that (for me at least) I'd have bought anyway. 

And you get access to other goodies throughout the year.

So I don't think it's entirely fair to consider that $80 part of the cost of the Fett.  You could very easily get the Windu or what not and get most, if not all, of that $80 back.

So I broke down and got the membership - used the free gift on the Marvel War Machine bust and then took $10 off the Boba.  Man, that shipping is a killer - $46 to get Boba shipped!!!  Ah well, he's the last of the ESB bounty hunters that I needed.  I'll keep telling myself that.

Bah!  I just got the Ree-Yees bust and am a little annoyed.

First, the sculpt is great and I love OT aliens.  That is pretty much all I get.

Its also nice that they provide interchangeable arms (one with a blaster in hand and one with nothing in hand).  Unfortunately the other hand has a drink in it that isn't removable.  So if you put the blaster in one hand you still have a drink in the other, which looks pretty goofy in my opinion - it looks like he's defending his blue beverage.

It would have been nice to provide a removeable drink/hand/arm.

Oh well, I guess the blaster arm gets shoved back in the box and Ree-Yees can chill without his blaster next to Lando, Boushh, Droopy McCool and gang on my shelf.


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