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I really like the concept of the arms and whatnot, but I guess I would have rather seen it applied to something else. I really prefer consistency in a line, snf the recent addition of arms to new busts kind of makes them look like they dont match. I guess Im just a bust "purist" that way ;) But dont take that as me not being impressed, because Im very impressed with them! I ordered a case as soon as they became available ;)

I'd like to see Dark Horse make an addition to the line with statues of the same scale. They'd probably run about $100.00 or so, but I think it would look nice with the mini busts. Something like that would have been perfect for the interchangeble part clone troopers too.

Im anxious to see the new OT stuff, like the Grand Moff Tarkin! (scanned from a life cast of Peter Cushing).

nice feature!

caption: "when Jedi goes bad"

Jango Fettish:
Which reminds me, Adam. If anyone backs out on a Yellow Clonetrooper, LMK. I'm still interested in that white one though, so keep me posted.

BTW, has there been an official date as to when that Boba Fett bust is going to be released?

I gotta start saving my pennies, because there is an Attakus Jango Fett statue that is going to basically break me later this year.  :P

Thank god I never got into Attackus... I'd probably be living in a van down by the river, hitched to a trailer with my collection

Boba Binks:
Last night I went to Comic Carnival (local comic shop here in Indy) to see if my order for the Clones Bust and Baba Fett Bust was still on order. I was told by the guy there that the Boba Fett bust is due out in April sometime, or so he believes. The Clones is due ?

I think the Boba Fett bust will be the hardest one to acquire thus far since so many people like him so well.


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