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The amount of toys sounds right for a show that will run for a full season, and then repeat all year long.  I have faith in this show, seeing how well the CW cartoons were done.  It'll be a good way to keep new stuff on the pegs.  The real question is, will they be "real" looking or stylized to match the 3D animation.  From what I've heard, the show will be very stylized and look more like a 3D version of the cartoon, as opposed to trying to make the characters look like their movie counterparts.

Maybe well finally get some non-droid Seperatist armies!

Rune Haako:

--- Quote ---Maybe well finally get some non-droid Seperatist armies!
--- End quote ---

Neimoidian Warriors, Skakoan Commandos, Gossam Commandos, and Koorivar Fusiliers.

Jesse James:
Interesting rumors for sure, but a 40 figure blitz in a few waves seems incredibly excessive and out of sync with past precedant...  Of course not to say that it would be impossible either...  I suppose without a film they're left latching onto the TV series as their great hope for success...

It's interesting anyway though, something to look forward to I guess.  If it's realistic sculpts I'm pretty game for it either way it goes.  I don't dig animated sculpts.

40 figures though sounds like it would be a rough go on the wallet...  Though I've always bailed on buying in bulk for the midnight madness for the past 2 films...  And it paid off.

Speaking of, I wonder if there could/will be a "big event" to surround the release of these?  I'd assume so but will it draw like the film releases have in the past years?  Eh, just food for thought.


--- Quote from: Rune Haako on September 20, 2006, 07:11 PM ---Neimoidian Warriors, Skakoan Commandos, Gossam Commandos, and Koorivar Fusiliers.

--- End quote ---

Oh, my!!  ;D

Sorry, sounded too much like Wizard of Oz to resist. It'd be interesting to see what comes of this.

When's the show come out. I think it was '08 or was that the live action?  ???
If the show is realistic instead of the first one, I'll probally army build the army builders.


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