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Jango Fettish:
I just got back from seeing "Finding Nemo". As expected, it was full of kids and parents. Not much to say otherthan I laughed a good 75% of the time and it delivered in typical amazing Pixar fashion.

I give at an A, not an A+ just because I had to deal with kids, parents, and a really sticker theatre floor.

Anyone else see this yet?

Boba Binks:
I saw this movie as well. I thought it was very good.

 I like Gill (the fish with the messed up fin).

Dorry was pretty funny at times as well. I give this movie a "A".

I just got home from seeing this movie.  I took my nieces and little cousins.  They (and myself) all enjoyed the movie.  I thought, the movie was really cute.

I didn't see a thread for it here, but there's a new full trailer up for Pixar's latest (June 27), Wall-E.  As is usually the case with Pixar, it looks pretty spiffy.

A trailer for this ran in front of Jumper and I think it was the first I'd heard of it other than maybe a brief mention somewhere on IMDB or whatnot.  It looks like a fun movie, the trailer was hilarious.  I'm a huge Pixar fan and I'm sure this will continue the tradition.



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