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bomarr Monk:

400% Vintage Boba Fett Kubrick by Medicom X Bounty Hunter.

Limited to 1000 pieces and avaliable April 29, 2005

for big pic...

Yes, very nice.       

6,090 Yen = $56.60 US. 

****! Only 1000 pieces, I'm afraid this is going to be some very big bucks!  :'( 

Simon, your my only hope.  :-\

Eek! This thing is ******* huge!  :o

280 millimeters is equal to 11.02 inches.

HOLY ****!

I was dreading the day when they would make a 400% SW Kub...
Need this one for sure!


--- Quote from: DSJ™ on April 13, 2005, 10:12 AM ---Eek! This thing is ******* huge!  :o   280 millimeters is equal to 11.02 inches.
--- End quote ---

My friend has the DC Direct 400% Batman, and yeah, it's about 1 foot (12") tall - huge!

This Fett is really really cool, but at $56 retail, I won't be surprised to see him fetch $200+ on the eBay market, and that's just the starting bid!  :(

Probably gonna count myself out on this one and use my left-over C3 cash to chase Logray down...



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