Author Topic: Creating My Lifesize Star Tours Diorama/Display Room: Update 06/11/03  (Read 9541 times)

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Crap crap crappity crap......

I just found out that the way I had planned on placing the glass shelving on here wont work; the glass wont have enough support and would easily break. Which means, I cant fit the glass shelves on the base :(

So, I see it this way, I have one of two choices:

1) Construct some new shelves, out of MDF (wood), and custom make them to the size and dimensions I want. Pretty much limitless potential This would be a cheaper route (much more affordable), but more time consuming (Im in no hurry though). I also loose the abilitiy to see through the shelves, ala glass shelves.


2) Try to get lucky and find glass shelves at a closing department store. Since the ones I bought were the first ones I've found in my entire life at a closing department store (that was willing to sell fixtures), this would probably not work. The other part of this choice would be to fork out some very major cash to buy new glass shelves. But, not as customizable, very expensive (especially shipping).

I'm open to suggestions! :)
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