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Not sure where it was mentioned, but I thought  it might of been at Toyfair that the new series would be OT based.  So what will this be about?  All seperate short stories?  Vader, Boba Fett, Empire, Jabba's Palace, Cantina?  There are enough masked characters.   If it is one continuing story I think it may be limited. 

(KP International) It has been announced to the joy of Star Wars fans everywhere that George Lucas's world of Jedi knights and wookies will live on in a 100-episode TV series.

The 'Star Wars' movie series ended with last year's prequel 'Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.' That's just where the series will begin, following Luke Skywalker and other beloved characters growing up, as well as the rise of Darth Vader's evil Empire.

The series will attempt to fill in the blanks of the 20-year span between Episodes III and IV.

Don't expect to see any familiar faces from the galaxy far far away, though. The only castmember currently scheduled to appear in the series is Anthony Daniels, who plays C3PO.

"We're very excited we just got confirmation George Lucas has committed himself to writing the 'Star Wars' TV series. I guess this is the news all fans have been waiting to hear," said series producer Rick McCullum. "Hopefully if we can make it work and everybodys excited and watches it we will keep on going.

Taken fro mSympatico/MSN Entertainment from a link on Galatic Hunter. 

I have to say that I am somewhat worried about George writing for the show. His dialogues are not the best in the world, and I think in TV people want more than "O h n o  t h e y a r e c o m i n g t h r o u g h."  as we got in  New Hope or in the love scene in Ep. III. For the most part charaters drive the tv shows, not big wang special effects. I think that is one of the reaons why ST TNG did so well, good story lines, good character development.  Perfect no, but the dialogue never got in the way of the story, 
I'm not sure I see this going a 100 episodes. Hopefully I am wrong. Thoughts?

According to a report on the website Major Duomo Rick McCallum gives a great hint on what the Star Wars live action TV show holds for us in the near future. He denies rumors that it focuses around a certain young Skywalker, and instead only says "think bounty hunter. That's all I can tell you." Lucas is currently working on the basic concept of the story according to McCallum.

Wow! The adventures of Dengar! I can't wait!

LOL, I'm sure the show is about IG-88 ;)

I'm waiting until closer to premiere time, or until something outright is said on, say,, before I assume anything about this show- as I've said, could be great, could be terrible.

That said, if that information is to be believed, it certainly sounds like Boba Fett is part of the plot, which could be a good thing.

I want to see young Lando Calrissian or something though ;) And Rokur Gepta, the Sorcerer of Tund! Okay, maybe not on the Rokur Gepta part.

Well It must Be Boba then we wil get to see this infamous character get older stronger, and become the best killing machine ever. ;D


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