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New JD Review: C-3PO (With Ewok Throne)

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Jesse James:

Clicky Button, Ready Review!

So here we are at the end of the initial wave of Endor figures...  But there are more to come, rest assured.

But with this last figure, I think it's probably the best value in the whole wave...  C-3PO (With Ewok Throne) is easily a GOOD buy at $7.  You get a large accessory, a partially new sculpt for a figure, and it's tough to deny that the fans have wanted this figure for so long now.

Hasbro took the ROTS 3PO sculpt and beefed it up in the articulation department for certain.  New legs make this the first sitting protocol droid and a nice effort on Hasbro's part.  My gripes with the figure were few and far between.  I think they could give 3PO a bit more poseability at the arms if they'd try, but the legs are a great start at least...  And the throne is fantastic to say the least. 

Hasbro delivered a figure fans will love, and this is the BEST classic trilogy 3PO on the market, hands down.  The MMC version was it till now, and that's a long wait if you ask me.  But he's here now, and I think he's a figure worth having a couple of for all your scenes.

Add to that, the fact that this 3PO also has removable limbs and head...  A carryover from the ROTS figure.  The legs aren't removable however, but the fact his arms and head pop off I believe adds playvalue to the toy.  A good effort overall on Hasbro's part, so my hat's off tot hem on this one.  It's pretty great.

This is one of my favorite figures ever. Of course I want some arm articulation next time around.

Agree, in every aspect of your review.
The lack of arms articulation it´s sad but...with Hasbro you can never have it all.

I already have three of these, one for each prequel episode.

Oh an the pic of Threepio´s foot is great!

It's a figure that's certainly a step in the right direction, but...

I hope the knee and hip joints encourage Hasbro to do something better down the road, like a VOTC Empire or Jedi C3PO.

The first VOTC 3PO was for Empire, he had a ANH card though. ???


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